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What Makes A Great Auto Mechanic?

What makes a great auto mechanic?

At Cox Auto Service in Asheville, North Carolina, our most important business asset is our people. We hire only the best auto mechanics for our ASE-certified auto shop. We also only employ those who understand the role of quality customer service. We know you can take your car, truck or SUV to any of Asheville’s auto repair and maintenance companies. But you are our customer and we value that relationship, so we hire to keep our relationships strong!

What makes a great auto mechanic? Below are some of the key skills and attributes we look for when hiring our people.

Customer Service Skills

Believe it or not, quality customer service cannot always come from learning. Each individual auto mechanic needs to have a certain level of innate appreciation for the customer’s time, money and trust. People spend a lot of money on their motor vehicles. This makes them want to have a trusted mechanic they can call on to fix problems, keep their car or truck running its best and help them get the most out of their four-wheeled investment.

Work Ethic

Mechanics typically work on cars because they love digging into machinery and fixing problems for it to run its best. They like getting under the hood and making the engine purr. This work takes dedication to ongoing learning, patience and a lot of time spent working hard, getting greasy and focusing on the problems in front of them. They also must be able to get the job done as promised to get customers safely back on the road.

Technical Aptitude

To do well as a mechanic, one must have the ability to learn how to use the latest technology, solve mechanical problems and use advanced diagnostics. This makes hiring people with a wide range of skills very important. At Cox Auto Service in Asheville, we know the difference between good mechanics from great ones. That difference comes down to being able to apply knowledge and skill to a wide range of vehicle types and models.

Our auto mechanics work on many vehicles, including:

Problem Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are important to us when hiring our mechanic shop team. Everyone who works at Cox Auto Service must be able to think quickly on their feet in solving customer problems in the office, maintenance bays and auto repair floor. We expect our mechanics to find the best solutions for our customers, particularly those that cost drivers less. All of our auto repair technicians must also communicate well and easily explain fixes to customers. Solving problems honestly, reliably and with clear communication is why we have been in business for over 50 years.

Advanced Knowledge

No one can predict whether the next vehicle to show up at our auto repair shop will be a Ford, GMC, BMW or Mercedes Benz. On a given day, we might work on a $3,000 1990s Saturn. On the next, a car costing well over $100,000 may be in one of our service bays. Regardless of the type of vehicle, our auto mechanics must provide the same level of quality service. Every customer deserves an auto repair shop that values them and knows every inch of their vehicle make and model.

For an auto mechanic, this variety makes work exciting. It also makes it challenging, as they must take it upon themselves to stay updated with all of the latest technologies and systems. This means having a wide individual knowledge base about automobiles. It also means being able to efficiently diagnose and repair problems with electrical systems, air conditioning systems, fuel systems, computer systems, tires and transmissions.

Experience and Maturity

Mechanic experience and maturity ensure you receive the best possible service every time you bring your vehicle into Cox Auto Service. You want help from people who have worked on your type of car, truck or SUV. You also want one who has tried a multitude of repair options, now confidently knowing what works best for your specific needs. Confidence in their work is critical, in addition to the maturity to listen to you, proceed appropriately and perform the right checks before saying the work is done.

We Hire the Best Auto Mechanics in Asheville to Give You the Best Service

As said before, Cox Auto Service of Asheville considers people our most important asset. But these people do not just include our auto technicians. You and other customers are our top priority. To ensure you receive the best maintenance and auto repair service, we always hire the best mechanics.

Schedule your next auto service appointment today to experience our quality service for yourself. Everyone at Cox Auto Service looks forward to adding you to our family of satisfied customers. Call us at 828-254-8661 today!

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