Worth the Money? Here are the Best and Worst Vehicle Modifications

Worth the Money? Here are the Best and Worst Vehicle Modifications

To help their vehicle to stand out from the crowd, many people choose to customize their ride. Unfortunately, vehicle modifications are not always a good idea. While some modifications prove to be a great investment, others are simply a waste of money. Let’s take a look at the best and worse things to spend your money on.

Worst Vehicle Modifications

Aftermarket Headlights & Taillights

Admittedly, some aftermarket lights do have a cool look. They are readily available on sites like eBay and Amazon. The bad news is these custom lights often suffer from a lack of quality. Some are cheaply made, which leads to performance issues.

Moisture buildup is among the biggest problems. During rainy weather, it’s not uncommon for water to leak inside the seals. Even worse, you may not be able to see as well at night. Some aftermarket lighting systems don’t effectively illuminate the road. Instead of wasting your hard-earned cash, keep your stock headlights looking new by cleaning them regularly.


Modifying the Suspension

In an attempt to give their car a more aggressive stance, some people choose to install vehicle modifications such as lowering springs. However, this usually proves to be a terrible decision. Prepare to endure an especially rough ride. Drastically lowering your car can also negatively impact handling. To eliminate potential problems, choose a vehicle that already comes equipped with a sports-tuned suspension from the factory.

Suspension lift kits can be just as bad. When taking curves, trucks fitted with a raised suspension are more prone to experiencing a rollover accident.


Excessively Loud Mufflers 

Some aftermarket exhaust systems can give your vehicle a smooth, powerful tone. However, many of today’s younger drivers like to install vehicle modifications called “fart can” mufflers. Not only do these mufflers have an obnoxious sound, but they also fail to improve performance.

You should also consider the fact that extremely loud exhaust systems are illegal in North Carolina. If your car has an ear-piercing sound, local Asheville police won’t hesitate to pull you over.


Best Investment Vehicle Modifications

Upgraded Tires

High-quality tires are a great investment for any vehicle owner. If you’re looking to enhance road handling, all-season performance tires are well worth the money. When cornering, you’ll immediately notice improved grip with vehicle modifications such as these. The stickier rubber compounds will help your car to remain glued to the pavement.

Upgraded tires can also help give your automobile a smoother, quieter ride. Cheap tires are typically noisier and don’t absorb road vibrations as well.


A Better Battery 

To save a little bit of money, some drivers choose the least expensive vehicle battery on the shelf. Unfortunately, their attempt to be frugal usually doesn’t pay off in the end. Cheaper car and truck batteries tend to be of lower quality. Thus, you will need to replace them a lot sooner than you expect.

When the weather starts to get cold, drivers can appreciate the durability vehicle modifications like  stronger batteries. To start your vehicle in below-freezing temperatures, you need to have plenty of juice. The last thing you want is to get stranded on an icy day.

Upgrading Your Braking System

As you know, North Carolina has a large deer population. In the event a deer suddenly crosses your path, you must be able to stop quickly. The effectiveness of your vehicle braking system is of the utmost importance. To enjoy an extra peace of mind, upgrade to quality brake pads.

Also, consider replacing the rubber brake lines with ones made of stainless steel in your vehicle. This will help ensure optimum braking pressure during hard vehicle stops. Vehicle modifications worth every penny, better than average OEM brake rotors and brake pads.

Use Top Tier Gasoline

When it comes time to fill up your vehicle’s tank, try to use Top Tier gasoline. Research shows that Top Tier gasoline tends to have more detergent additives, which ultimately help the engine to perform at its best. Carbon deposits will be far less of an issue. A list of retailers that sell Top Tier fuel can be easily found online.

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