Tune-ups & Routine Maintenance

Cox Auto Service, Asheville, North Carolina’s longest running automotive service and repair center, has been providing affordable dealership-grade oil changes, tune-ups and factory scheduled maintenance since 1970. Whether it’s a routine tune-up, a 30K, 60K, 90K mile factory scheduled maintenance, or your vehicle is showing signs of loss in performance, decreased fuel efficiency, a check engine light warning or any other car problem. Cox Auto is here to assist with all your vehicle’s tune-ups & routine maintenance needs.

Routine service and regularly scheduled maintenance are the best ways to maximize your automobile’s longevity, performance and overall value. Ultimately providing tremendous cost-savings over the life of your vehicle. This is due to less breakdowns caused by wear-and-tear and lack of regular maintenance. Your car or truck will be in good hands at Cox Auto Service with our team of trustworthy ASE certified master mechanics. Our friendly, highly trained technicians draw upon their wealth of experience and automotive expertise. Our auto repair shop is very thorough. We inspect your vehicle’s vital systems and components and replace any used filters or worn out parts. We also provide premium quality lube service and fluid system top-offs and flushes, along with the best prices in town.

Next time your vehicle is in need of lube service, factory scheduled maintenance or anything else you can think of, come visit us here at Cox Auto Service.

Asheville, North Carolina’s oldest and best overall auto service and repair center. All of our ASE certified automotive work is backed by an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Additionally, a sea of 5-star online reviews, and most importantly, the overwhelming support we’ve received from our longtime patrons in the local community, whom we treat like family.

Contact us today at 828-254-8661 to set up a full service maintenance appointment. We offer convenient same-day drop-in service as well.

  • Tune-ups & Routine Maintenance

Cox Auto Service is your number one dealership-alternative when it comes to tune-ups & routine maintenance. Nothing is more vital to the health, performance and longevity of your car or truck than routine service and preventative maintenance.

Here at Cox Auto our staff of ASE certified master technicians are equipped with all the latest OEM factory maintenance requirements for every year, make and model of vehicle. The proper equipment plus our expert knowhow allows us to deliver the absolute highest level of service possible for all domestic and foreign vehicles. As well as classic and collectible automobiles.

Why pay dealerships in arms and legs for 30K, 60k, 90K mile tune-ups & routine maintenance? You shouldn’t when Cox Auto Service in Asheville, NC is an option. You can get the same quality work done faster and more affordably at Cox Auto, Asheville’s favorite auto shop.

Whether it’s lube service, a transmission fluid flush, new belts & hoses, spark plugs, factory scheduled maintenance and more, Cox Auto is here to help with all your automotive service needs.

  • Premium Oil Change Service

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle and is the most important aspect of a properly maintained engine. Oil provides essential lubrication, protection and cooling to vital engine systems and components. Doing so maximizes performance while extending the health and longevity of your motor vehicle. And additionally saves you money from avoiding unecessary costly repairs. The frequency of lube service depends on your vehicle’s year, make, and model, as well as what type of oil you are currently using. The time between changes can range anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on each vehicle’s own particular specifications.

If you aren’t sure when your vehicle is due for factory recommended maintenance, or can’t remember when you last brought it in for service, contact us today, or stop in for a free, no obligation, drop in consultation appointment. Here at Cox Auto our ASE certified master technicians use only the finest conventional and synthetic motor oils from the top brands you know and trust.

  • Fluid Top-offs & Flushes

Whether it’s brake, power-steering or transmission fluid, along with radiator coolant, Cox Auto carries all OEM automaker recommended fluids, for all vehicle makes and models, domestic or foreign. Fluids are absolutely vital to the capability, functionality and lifespan of essential engine systems and components. Our friendly staff of ASE certified technicians will inspect your vehicle’s radiator, power-steering, brake and fuel systems, topping-off any necessary fluids. Depending on your vehicle’s mileage, overall usage, and status of the engine system in question, our master mechanics may recommend a full system flush to remove performance-killing particles and build up, which results in greater performance, increased fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions.

  • Filter Inspection & Replacement

Most automakers recommend you change your vehicle’s oil filter every time you change the oil. Also the air filter every 15,000 to 30,000-miles dependent upon driving conditions. And many recommend fuel filter every 20,000 to 40,000-miles based on the particular make and model of automobile. At Cox Auto, we stock premium quality, OEM certified, air, fuel and oil filters for all domestic and foreign vehicles. No calling around for parts or any other unnecessary delays. Our friendly expert mechanics will quickly, reliably and accurately service any of your filter needs. Allowing you to get the most performance, fuel efficiency and the cleanest emissions possible out of your vehicle.

  • Spark Plug Inspection & Replacement

If your vehicle is running rough, is lacking performance and acceleration, having trouble starting or has a misfiring engine, chances are you are in need of at least one new spark plug. Have one of our friendly expert technicians take a look at it for you. At Cox Auto, we carry the right spark plug for all makes and models of vehicles, domestic or foreign.

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