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For 50 years, Cox Auto Service near Patton Avenue in Asheville, NC has provide the highest quality of automotive repair and maintenance services. When your vehicle’s transmission fails or requires servicing, you can trust our expert, ASE-certified auto mechanics. Transmission repair affects your schedule, budget and vehicle safety. So we help you make informed decisions to get your truck, SUV or car repair services done properly. And also quickly, enabling you to get your vehicle back on the road.

What does your vehicle’s transmission do?

Your vehicle’s transmission links its engine to its wheels. Manual, semi-automatic and automatic vehicles all need a well-maintained transmission to run, as well as to work reliably and efficiently.

A working transmission matches the engine’s output with conditions of speed and load. The transmission keeps the engine’s high rotational speed in check, utilizing gears and transmitting torque to the wheels through the differential and drive shaft.

As part of a working transmission, specialized fluid performs multiple roles. Transmission fluid cools and protects working parts by lubricating internal gears. It also prevents rust and corrosion. In an automatic vehicle, this fluid provides operational functioning of pressure and force. But in a manually shifted vehicle, gear shifts and clutches provide these functions.

Options for Transmission Repair

Of course, diagnosing your transmission problem requires the skill and experience of ASE-certified service technicians. Today’s transmissions are highly complex and become more so with each passing year. With better performance, today’s cars, trucks and SUVs require higher technical expertise. They also require informed decision-making, when you must choose between transmission replacement or repair.

Sometimes a car, truck, SUV, or minivan’s transmission repair needs are clear and straightforward. At other times, malfunctions lead back to a variety of electronic and mechanical issues. The most common problems requiring repair include:

  • Adjustments, those not requiring removal of the transmission from the vehicle
  • Resealing needs, for sealing and repair where transmission fluid leaks
  • Replacement of accessible parts, those not requiring removal of the whole transmission
  • Transmission rebuilding, first taking it apart and servicing each component
  • Replacing your transmission, such as through a remanufactured Jasper transmission

If you must replace your transmission, consider an option with lower cost than a new OEM model direct from the manufacturer. A Jasper transmission is remanufactured to the same quality specifications as a new one, but with a much lower price tag. With a Jasper remanufactured transmission for your car, SUV or truck, you also receive a three year, 100,000 mile warranty.

Do I replace or fix my vehicle’s transmission?

Your professional service technicians at Cox Auto Service in Asheville, North Carolina help you understand whether your transmission needs simple repairs or a major overhaul. Obviously, if your car, truck or SUV only needs easy repairs, you get back on the road quickly and easily at the lowest possible cost.

For complete overhaul of your transmission, you have multiple options. First, the qualified experts of Cox Auto Service can remove, dismantle and overhaul it before putting it back into the vehicle. As your second option, you can choose to buy a new transmission that will certainly cost more than other choices. Or, for your third option, you can replace the non-working unit with a Jasper remanufactured transmission offering a multi-year warranty.

Repair cost likely drives your decision-making. Rarely does anyone expect or budget for transmission repairs, before they occur. You can get a clear picture of the costs for your repairs or replacement after diagnostic testing. Remember to ask as many questions as you must, to make the right decision for your vehicle, budget and schedule.

Asheville Transmission Repair Service for 50 Years

Cox Auto Service has serviced the vehicles of Asheville residents since 1970. Today, from our location near Patton Avenue, we continue providing a wide range of car, SUV and truck repair services. You can trust Cox Auto Service’s transmission repair and other vehicle maintenance. Call us today at 828-254-8661 to schedule an appointment.

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