Five Problems That Can Cause a Failed NC State Inspection

Five Problems That Can Cause a Failed NC State Inspection

If your vehicle is registered in Asheville, a yearly NC State Inspection is required. Not only will the vehicle be checked for safety issues, but it will also be given an emissions test. Here are some of the most common causes of a failed NC State inspection.

1. Malfunctioning Exterior Lights

For good reason, burned-out headlights and taillights will result in a failed NC State inspection. When one of your vehicle’s exterior lights aren’t working, you are far more likely to be involved in an accident. Contrary to popular belief, headlights don’t just help you to see at night. They also make your vehicle more noticeable to other motorists during inclement weather.

The truth of that matter is that most people don’t intentionally drive around with blown lights. Often times, they are completely unaware. Fortunately, most replacement bulbs are reasonably priced.

2. Slick Tires

When performing an NC State inspection, the technician will be taking a close look at the condition of your tires. Tires have a big influence on your ability to avoid danger on the road. If you are low on tread, traction won’t be good. This is especially true while traveling on a rain-soaked street.

While tires can be a big investment, they typically last for thousands of miles. You can further increase tire life by getting regular wheel alignments. Rotating your tires every 5,000 miles is just as important.

3. Bad Catalytic Converter

Your vehicle’s catalytic converter is responsible for limiting exhaust emissions, which ultimately helps improve air quality. Even if you could care less about the environment, a defective catalytic converter will cause your vehicle to fail the NC State inspection. Because catalytic converter can be a bit expensive, it’s important to take the necessary steps to prevent damage.

Poor maintenance is among the biggest reasons why catalytic converters fail. For example, old spark plugs can foul the converter by allowing unburned fuel to get into the exhaust. An oil leak can also cause damage to occur.

4. Leaking or Missing Gas Gap

After stopping to refuel, many people unintentionally drive off without their gas cap. Although this may not seem like a big problem, a missing gas cap quietly allows harmful fumes to escape into the atmosphere. A loose gas gap is nearly just as bad.

If your check engine has recently turned on, your gas cap simply may not be tight enough. Meanwhile, a lost gas cap can be easily replaced for less than 10 bucks. You can then avoid the hassle of experiencing a failed NC State inspection.

5. Horn Is Not Working

Many drivers tend to overlook the importance of their vehicle’s horn. Although a horn is a relatively simple device, it could actually save your life. If another driver is on the verge of crashing into your vehicle, you can honk the horn to alert him or her.

In the event that your horn isn’t working, a wire may be disconnected on frayed. It shouldn’t be a hard problem for an experienced mechanic to fix.


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