Cheap Transportation: Five Great Used Cars for Daily Commuting

Cheap Transportation: Five Great Used Cars for Daily Commuting

If you commute on an everyday basis, you may want to reconsider buying a brand-new vehicle. After you start to pile up the miles, it’ll quickly start to lose value. You can save a lot of cash by opting to purchase a pre-owned vehicle. Here are five great cheap used cars made for the daily grind.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota has earned a reputation for producing long-lasting automobiles. For good reason, the Toyota Corolla is one of the best-selling used cars in history. Even pre-owned Corollas are well worth the money.

Although this compact sedan isn’t designed to offer a great deal of performance, it’s extremely reliable and inexpensive to maintain. You can also expect the Corolla to deliver good fuel economy. If you desire a bit more fun, go for the Corolla SE. A sports-tuned suspension enables it to handle with more poise.

Honda Civic Si

Like the Corolla, the Honda Civic proves to be an ideal daily-driver. It’s efficient, dependable, and comfortable. However, Honda offers a high-performance version of the Civic. You can expect the Honda Civic Si to deliver years of driving excitement. A quick-revving engine and sweet manual transmission make it one of the most fun used cars in the segment.

When searching for a Civic Si on the used car market, be sure to have it fully inspected by a certified mechanic. Because the Civic Si appeals to a lot of younger drivers, it tends to experience more abuse.

Acura TSX

Although Acura TSX stopped selling the TSX in 2014, it remains a highly recommended used car. This small luxury sedan posted some of the highest reliability scores in its class. North Carolina drivers also appreciate the TSX’s sporty performance.

In many ways, it’s a more luxurious version of the Honda Civic Si. You’ll find a similar engine under the hood, which equates to strong acceleration. A smoother ride adds to the TSX’s appeal. Unlike its counterpart, the Acura TSX offers niceties like heated leather seats.

Mazda Mazda3

Available as a hatchback or sedan, the Mazda3 is another great compact car to consider. Although the Mazda3 is priced like an economy vehicle, its quality is top-notch. When serviced at the recommended intervals, owners rarely experience any major engine or transmission problems.

When it comes to driving fun, very few cars in this price range can outshine the Mazda3. It handles like a legitimate sports car. You can also expect the Mazda3’s 2.4-liter Sky Activ engine to have a powerful punch. Although a high-performance Mazda Speed model was offered, drivers looking to save money should avoid it. Maintenance costs for the turbocharged MazdaSpeed3 are notably higher.

Nissan Sentra

The Nissan Sentra is among the best cars for commuting. It’s especially ideal for drivers who have a family. A big backseat gives everyone plenty of space to spread out. Although the automatic transmission is a popular pick, it sacrifices a bit of performance. You can get up to speed quicker with the Sentra’s manual transmission.

Base Sentra trims have a rather plain appearance. Fortunately, there’s a more stylish option. Featuring a sleek body kit and larger wheels, the Sentra SR is destined to catch your attention.

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