When your vehicle’s engine fails or needs a complete overhaul, you need ASE-certified experience. A mechanic able to complete the work effectively, correctly and at the lowest possible cost. Residents of Asheville, NC rely on the experts at Cox Auto Service near Patton Avenue, just as they have for 50 years. You can trust Cox Auto Service for your domestic or foreign vehicle engine replacement.

Jasper engines and transmissions

Automobile engine replacement is a major job, even for ASE-certified mechanics of Cox Auto Service. But thanks to expert knowledge and multiple options for your engine, you can get back on the road quickly and at an affordable price. You can trust rebuilt engines installed by Cox Auto Service mechanics, whether your car is a domestic, foreign, classic, or hot rod.

engine replacement in Raleigh NCOne such solution is a remanufactured Jasper engine, essentially a completely rejuvenated, recycled engine. Jasper Engines & Transmissions provides completely rebuilt and certified major maintenance parts such as engines and transmissions. These engines come with a three-year, 100,000-mile warranty. Talk to Cox Auto Service about Jasper remanufactured engines, when you need a fresh motor for your vehicle.

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Why choose a rebuilt engine, instead of scrapping my car?

Do you own a vehicle that is special to you, such as a limited edition or classic car? For a vehicle you want to keep for a much longer time, despite its current engine problems, an engine replacement (if available) could often be a good choice.

Additionally, if you cannot afford a new car and want your existing one to work more reliably, replacing your engine can work well for you, too. Sometimes spending several thousands of dollars on a replacement or rebuilt engine just makes more sense than spending tens of thousands on an entirely new vehicle. Whether your car, truck, SUV, or van has a V4, V6, V8, or even V12 engine that may need to be replaced, the expert mechanics at Cox Auto in Asheville, NC can help.

How do I know if I need a new replacement engine?

Engines fail. That is the nature of mechanics. Most often, a vehicle engine fails because of improper lubrication. Either the engine did not get enough oil, it suffered because of too much oil sludge, or overheated because of problems with the lubrication system. Cooling system failure is another reason for engine failure.

These problems and several others lead to engine trouble, potentially making engine replacement necessary. Common symptoms of impending engine failure include:

  • Engine burning oil
  • Check engine light 
  • Bad oil leak
  • Head gasket leak
  • Blue or white smoke from the exhaust
  • Engine knocking
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Frequent engine misfires

Do I Need An Engine Replacement Or Is An Engine Rebuild A Better Option?

Your auto repair experts at Cox Auto Service in Asheville, North Carolina diagnose your vehicle’s problems before deciding it is time to perform an engine replacement on your car, truck, SUV, or minivan.. After all, you could have other issues, such as a faulty oxygen sensor or a bad head gasket.

While rings and seals sound like no big deal….

Replacing them typically always requires disassembling the entire engine all the way down to the pistons. The cost of the parts is usually not the worst. It is the significant amount of time or labor costs that are the most painful part of the ordeal. In most cases, the most cost-effective choice, especially if you want your vehicles to last, is simply biting the bullet and getting an engine replacement. This way you know your newly installed remanufactured engine is warrantied from defects for a length of time.

Cox Auto Service always offers competitive and affordable pricing….

Cylinder wall boring can work with ring and valve replacement when the mechanic finds excessive wear on your cylinder walls. Cylinder wall boring also involves rebuilding the engine head. Then your engine needs new pistons, rod replacement, new timing components, main bearings replacement, and other new parts. In cases such as the one just described, it is typically a more cost-effective decision to opt for an engine replacement.

For a full engine replacement, one likely option is a new engine from the crate. What this means is your new engine ships with all new or mostly new parts.

Another possible option, opt for a remanufactured engine. Remanufacturing involves disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, and rebuilding a used engine to like-new status. This type of used engine comes with a warranty and has had all common wear parts replaced. Parts such as valve springs, bearings, rings, gaskets, seals, timing chains, and oil pumps.

When choosing a new engine replacement or remanufactured engine, you may even have one more thing to consider. Whether you want an engine replacement with one that meets OEM engine specifications or one with performance upgrades.

Minor and Major Auto Repair in Asheville, North Carolina

If you need minor vehicle maintenance or major truck, SUV, van, or car repair, you can trust Cox Auto Service near Patton Avenue in Asheville, NC. At our ASE-certified auto maintenance shop, we are experts in anything automotive, including complete engine replacement.

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