When you get into your car, truck or SUV and put the key into the ignition or press that start button, you want the engine to start. But sometimes things go wrong in engines, just like they do for any other machinery or technology. When your vehicle does not work as it should or you notice a check engine light, call Cox Auto Service for help.

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Cox Auto Service has serviced the vehicles of Asheville, NC residents since 1970. In these 50 years, we have developed a solid reputation for excellence in auto repair and maintenance. So if you see your check engine indicator light, bring your car, truck, van or SUV to Cox Auto Service near Patton Avenue for service.

What does a check engine light mean?

Your check engine indicator light on the dashboard panel lights up when your car needs service. But the light can represent a range of problems. In order to know the precise issue, you must take your vehicle to an ASE-certified auto mechanic able to determine the problem.

Check engine light service Asheville NCThe light on your vehicle’s control panel lights up when a fault code is sent to your vehicle’s onboard computer. This OBD II code is the one your service technician retrieves as part of diagnostic service. It also tells your mechanic what part of the vehicle signaled a problem.

Once he or she knows of the problem, your Cox Auto Asheville technician determines how to provide the necessary car, SUV or truck repair. This auto repair or replacement of parts also enables the mechanic to provide you with a cost estimation. Since your mechanic knows the light’s source and what to do to fix it, you quickly get back on the road in your fully repaired car, truck or SUV.

What Problems Trigger Your Vehicle’s Check Engine Light?

There is a wide range of issues that lead to this light’s ignition. Some simple concerns, such as an improperly fitting gas cap, can turn the light on. Or a serious problem triggers the light, such as a faulty catalytic converter. Overall, the light makes it clear that you need immediate service or you risk engine failure or other damage.

Some of the problems your check engine light can warn about include:

  • Loose gas cap
  • MAF sensor or circuitry problems
  • Cylinder misfiring
  • Knock sensor circuit malfunctioning
  • System running too rich or too lean
  • Inadequate exhaust gas recirculation
  • Poor catalyst system efficiency
  • Faulty oxygen sensor

There are hundreds of issues that trigger your dash light, indicating your vehicle needs a mechanic’s immediate attention. There is a science to deciphering the problem and today’s diagnostics and repair require specialized equipment.

Diagnosing Your Vehicle’s “Check Engine Light” Issue

At Cox Auto Asheville, we understand the stress caused by unexpected car repair. This is why we work quickly and effectively to get your vehicle into a service bay, where we can diagnose the problem. We use specialized equipment to retrieve your car, truck or SUV’s fault code through communication with its system computer. Our experienced technicians then analyze our findings and provide a service explanation and estimate to quickly get you back on the road.

Can I just ignore the Check Engine Light?

Ignoring a check engine or other malfunction light is never a good idea. You do not need to panic. Remember that today’s vehicles are highly sophisticated. Your car, truck or SUV’s onboard computer typically alerts you of problems early, before serious damage occurs. But you should never keep driving your vehicle with this light ignited, except to get it to Cox Auto Service. Located just off Patton Avenue in Asheville, North Carolina.

When the light is solid, you likely have an easily repairable problem. It may signal need for an adjustment or part replacement. Still driving for a long distance after this light turns on will likely lead to more costly and inconvenient repairs. Always take the safe road and find out what has caused your dash light to turn on.

A flashing engine light is far more serious. The vehicle’s computer is alerting you to a possibly dangerous issue. It also means you should not drive your car, instead of calling for a tow truck to take your vehicle to Cox Auto Service.

Call the Experts in Auto Diagnostics and Vehicle Repair

Identifying what caused the check engine light is the first step. But you need highly experienced, ASE-certified mechanics to fix the problem. Only when your vehicle is well serviced, can you trust its operation and safety. Call Cox Auto Asheville today at 828-254-8661 to schedule diagnosis of your warning light and the repairs your vehicle needs.

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