Catalytic Converter Replacement

No one enjoys dealing with the annual requirements of car inspection, especially when facing costly car repairs, such as for catalytic converter repair. If you have a check engine light illuminate on your dash, it’s always possible you may need catalytic converter repair or replacement. Whichever scenario you face, Cox Auto Service in Asheville, NC provides the same high-quality service our loyal customers have received for 50 years.

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What are Catalytic Converters?

catalytic converters
Your vehicle’s catalytic converter is an emission control device, cleaning the exhaust that comes through your car, truck or SUV tailpipe. Catalytic converters superheat the gas fumes’ unburned particles, after they come out of the engine. By doing so at temperatures of 500 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, dirty fumes convert into cleaner water vapor and carbon dioxide.

The dirty components that these parts clean from your vehicle emissions include:

  • Hydrocarbons of unburned gasoline
  • Carbon monoxide, poisonous to all living beings
  • Nitrogen oxides that cause acid rain and smog

Symptoms of Emissions Problems & the Need for Catalytic Converter Replacement

Non-functioning catalytic converters cause one or more problems. These include a bad odor to your vehicle’s fumes, rough engine operation or misfiring. Your car’s check engine light can signal a problem by illuminating, too.

Some of the most common symptoms of catalytic converter issues include:

  • Illuminated or flashing check engine light
  • Little or no vehicle power
  • Rotten egg smell inside the vehicle or at the tailpipe
  • Low fuel economy
  • Rough running engine
  • Backfiring

Sometimes taking only short trips in your vehicle, such as for local errands, can cause your catalytic converter to malfunction. This usually happens when it is not able to get hot enough to burn the hydrocarbons away. You can prevent this issue by occasionally driving your car, truck or SUV on a highway for 15 to 20 minutes. By doing so, you enable the catalytic converter to sufficiently heat and burn away deposits left inside.

Of course, there are other problems that can affect your vehicle emissions. When your mechanic replaces or fixes your catalytic converter, you possibly also need replacement of the vehicle’s oxygen sensors.

How does Cox Auto Service check my vehicle’s catalytic converter?

When you bring your vehicle into Cox Auto Service in Asheville, NC because of suspected emissions problems or when the check engine light illuminates, we inspect it to check functioning of the catalytic converter. This starts with a diagnostic scan of your car, truck or SUV’s onboard computer.

For a visual inspection and removal of parts, we hydraulically lift your vehicle to elevate it. We provide catalytic converter replacement when needed. After installing new parts, we start the vehicle and check for exhaust leaks. When all issues appear fixed, we lower the vehicle and road test it for proper functioning.

In modern vehicles, when the catalytic converter is not working as it should, the check engine light illuminates. Your engine also becomes sluggish or sputters, possibly backfiring. Your engine may stall altogether, if the catalytic converter is plugged. This congestion usually causes the check engine light to flash, signaling you need immediate service. Otherwise, you risk internal engine damage.

You should never disregard symptoms of these problems, particularly when your check engine light ignites or flashes. At the very least, issues with emissions prevent you from passing your North Carolina State Inspection. But if real problems exist, you end up paying much more, farther down the road for emergency car, SUV or truck repairs.

You Can Trust Cox Auto Service

At Cox Auto Service near Patton Avenue in Asheville, we take pride in providing the best auto repair services for our customers. These services include North Carolina State Inspections, engine repair and rebuilds, transmission repair and rebuilds, check engine light diagnosis, oil changes, tire service, brake service and other major and minor repairs. Call Cox Auto Service to schedule your catalytic converter replacement appointment with our ASE-certified technicians today at 828-254-8661.

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