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The Cadillac brand is synonymous with luxury and style. But a Caddie also offers enduring quality when you maintain your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. At Cox Auto Service in Asheville, NC, we have maintained and repaired the cars, trucks and SUVs of generations of area residents and visitors. Call or come by our Druid Drive location off Patton Avenue, to schedule your Cadillac repair or service today.

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Maintaining Your Cadillac Well Pays Off

As you own a luxury vehicle, you would expect it to cost far more than other types of cars, trucks and SUVs for annual maintenance and repairs. To the contrary, your auto compares to the cost of maintaining other domestic vehicles, when you take good care of it. Factors in how much it costs you each year include mileage, model year, where you drive it and who provides your service.

Cadillac repairWith your auto repair service playing a role in annual maintenance costs for your Caddie, you need quality technicians experienced in this automaker’s line. At Cox Auto Service in Asheville, we provide this stellar service, as we have since 1970. You can trust our ASE-certified technicians for routine maintenance, NC state inspection and repairs. Even more importantly, our technicians stay on top of these vehicles’ flaws, recalls and other important matters affecting the reliability of your car, truck or SUV.

The average owner of domestic vehicles like yours pay $783 per year in vehicle maintenance, repair, registration, taxes and parts replacement costs. But these costs include everything from tires and brakes to bigger problems caused by accidents or major breakdowns. So you can expect to remain at the lower end of this average when you visit Cox Auto for your routine service needs.

Cadillac Repair at Cox Auto Service

The most common problems associated with your vehicle brand include failing power window regulators and heater and A/C air delivery or temperature mode door actuators. These parts prove easily fixed by Cox Auto, especially since some model owners can expect failure. Other common Cadillac repairs address an engine problem or simply necessitate a tune-up.

Models Cox Auto Service Cadillac Repairs include:

  • 60 Special
  • Allante
  • ATS
  • Brougham
  • Catera
  • Commercial Chassis
  • CT6 and CTS
  • DeVille
  • DTS and ELR
  • Eldorado
  • Escalade
  • Seville
  • SRX, STS, XLR, XT5, and XTS

We provide services to meet all of your Cadillac repair, parts replacement, maintenance, and inspection needs. Cox Auto also services all other domestic and import vehicles, including hybrids, electrics, 4x4s, and AWD cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Whether your vehicle is the newest model, older, classic, collectible, or rare, you can trust the ASE-certified technicians of Cox Auto-off Patton Avenue in Asheville.

Schedule Your Auto, Truck, Van or SUV Service Today

Automakers specify each model’s routine maintenance needs, as well as important repairs some require as part of recalls. Is your car, truck, van, or SUV up-to-date in regard to maintenance or other services?

Some of the services Cox Auto provides include:

Schedule your Cadillac repair or maintenance service at Cox Auto Service, to keep your Cadi running its best. Call our shop on Druid Drive at 828-254-8661 for an appointment today. Cox Auto Service is located in Asheville, NC, and covers the gamut on mechanical service for automobiles. Our highly qualified mechanics work on anything from minor repairs such as belts, oil changes, maintenance work to major repairs like engine and transmission work. We take pride in the auto repairs and services we provide.

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