Brake Repair

Eventually, all vehicles will require brake repair. Having fully functioning brakes is critical for driving your vehicle. After all, they ensure you stop before an accident occurs and help you maintain control, no matter your speed. But brake calipers, brake pads, and brake shoes all wear out over time. Early in this wear and tear, these parts affect your vehicle’s efficiency. But left in disrepair, they affect your safety.

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Many things can go wrong with brakes, whether you drive an older domestic vehicle or the latest foreign model. To keep your car, van, SUV or truck in top shape and everyone riding in it safe, you need routine brake checks and brake repair services. In Asheville, NC, vehicle owners trust Cox Auto Service, as they have since 1970. At our auto repair shop, our brake technicians have the experience and knowledge for accurately diagnosing and repairing any brake problems and installing new brakes.

Cox Auto Service Knows Brake Repair

Whether your vehicle has disk brakes or drum brakes, Cox Auto Service provides expert car care and repair services to get you back on the road safely and quickly. We fix parking brakes, anti-lock brakes and power brake boosters, too. Equally important is ensuring your brake system hydraulics work as they should, with the hydraulic fluid they need.

Brake repair Asheville NC In the brake repair business, your mechanic must know a wide range of brakes and braking systems. Our techs know these systems and see a wide range of problems that affect these systems. Our technicians repair every aspect of your brake systems, including worn rotors, warped rotors and other rotor issues.

Keep Your Brakes in Top Working Order in Asheville, NC

When do you need brake repair for your car, SUV, van or truck? Certainly when you press the brakes or maneuver your car and you hear odd sounds or sense changes in your brake system.  Cox Auto Service’s brake diagnostic and repair services. Of course, you should also have your vehicle brakes checked on a routine basis.

Common signs you need your brakes checked include:

  • Metal on metal dragging or grinding sounds
  • Ineffective stopping
  • Frequent or increased braking
  • Routine high-speed braking
  • After carrying heavy loads

Rotor problems come from activities like driving in hilly or mountainous areas, regularly braking hard, carrying heavy loads, and braking without trailer brakes or using unvented rotors. If you have worn rotors or rotors that stick and keep driving your car, you cause more damage. Your rotors need routine checks, diagnosis, and repair, too.

People from all over western North Carolina trust Cox Auto Service for brake service, just as they have since we opened in 1970. Your satisfaction and safety are our top concerns. For your service and repairs, we use only ASE certified, experienced and knowledgeable repair technicians.

Bring Your Vehicle In for Brake Checks, Repairs, and Other Service

You need your vehicle’s brakes to work as they should at all times. For peace of mind and to maintain your safety, bring your vehicle to Cox Auto Service. Our brake maintenance and repair services include:

  • Measuring brake pad thickness
  • Checking for brake wear and tear
  • Inspecting brake leaks and fluid levels
  • Resurfacing or replacing rotors and drums
  • Checking wheel cylinders for proper functioning
  • Inspecting and replacing brake hoses

Cox Auto Service Takes Care of Your Vehicle’s Brake Repair and Brake Maintenance Needs

For 50 years, local drivers have trusted Cox Automotive for a wide range of vehicle repair and maintenance needs. Whether for routine checks, brake problems or help with other issues, our ASE certified technicians provide the services you need. Talk to us about check engine light diagnosis, emissions repairs, North Carolina state inspections, tire rotations, transmission and engine rebuilds, tune-ups, oil changes and other vehicle maintenance and repair.

Cox Auto Service technicians look forward to providing you with the brake maintenance and repair services you need, promptly and at a competitive price you can afford. Call us for convenient appointment scheduling at 828-254-8661.

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