For more than 49 years, Cox Auto Service provides honest, dependable, comprehensive auto electrical system repair and service.

As one of Asheville, North Carolina’s longest standing locally owned and operated, auto service and repair centers. We’ve seen and fixed it all when it comes to auto electric systems.

Whether it’s a new battery, spark plugs and wires, or an alternator replacement, Cox Auto Service has you covered.

We work regularly on the technologically advanced systems equipped in today’s modern vehicles. Cox Auto Service offers a wide range of dealership-grade car and truck auto electrical system repair and service at a fraction of the cost.

Our team of ASE certified master technicians are equipped with the latest in diagnostics equipment and scanning technology. And they have the capability to quickly and accurately diagnose electrical problems in any make or model vehicle. Our unrivaled experience and advanced training allow us to fix the root of every problem correctly. Auto electrical system repair accurate the first time, no ifs, ands or buts.

Auto Electrical System Service and Repair in Asheville NC

So, if you’re experiencing a battery problem, headlights dimming, the engine won’t start or your vehicle is blowing fuses,  don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule maintenance for your vehicle.

It is important to also note that even things like even a check engine light can be because of an auto electrical issue such as a bad oxygen sensor aka O2 sensor, bad spark plugs or bad engine coil packs, a faulty mass airflow sensor, vehicle wiring that may require replacement, and much more.

We Welcome Walk-ins as well

Come into Cox Auto Service Asheville, NC, during our normal business hours. Our team of auto electrical system repair experts are standing by to assist you today. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM and conveniently located on Druid Drive right off of Patton Ave.

Premium Automotive Electrical Systems Repair & Service

Here at Cox Auto Service, we have loyally provided the Asheville, NC community high quality, dependable automotive electrical service and repair for a half century. All of our work is backed by our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, along with the plethora of positive reviews online on social media, and most importantly the unwavering support of our cherished repeat customers, who we consider family and have been coming to us for generations.

There’s no auto electrical system repair problem too big or too small, that our staff of master ASE certified technicians, can’t handle. Listed below is a description of some of the common automotive electrical services we offer.

  • Battery Service

Roughly 50% of all auto electrical system problems are related to the vehicle’s battery. Here at Cox Auto Service, we stock a great selection of new batteries from the top brands in the industry. And, at extremely affordable prices. Whether you need a car battery replacement, dealing with failing cables and wires, or you’re experiencing problems related to corrosion, Cox Auto has you covered.

  • Fuses and Spark Plugs

If you are experiencing sluggish engine performance & higher than usual gas consumption, it’s likely your career truck needs to have one or all spark plugs replaced. Maybe an electrical conponent in your vehicle just out of the blue ceases to function. It’s likely you may have a blown out fuse. Our friendly knowledgeable technicians will replace the worn out, malfunctioning part. And also, will a run diagnostic test to identify the cause of the problem. At Cox Auto Service we strive to prevent your exact car trouble, from happening again. Repeat problems can be even more frustrating than once and done repairs.

  • Advanced Diagnostics Capability

As the old saying goes, a mechanic is only as good as the tools they’re given and tools are only as good as the mechanic that’s using them. That’s why at Cox Auto our experienced ASE certified expert technicians are equipped with the latest in cutting edge diagnostics machinery as well as state-of-the-art OEM certified electric scanners to pinpoint even the most complex electrical issues and develop the correct course of action to rectify the problem.

  • Premium Service & Repair

With a nearly 5-decade track record of successfully repairing and servicing auto electrical system components, our unrivaled reputation speaks for itself. Because our highly trained team of master technicians have a wealth of experience and knowledge dealing with auto electric systems of every type. Accordingly, we are familiar with all makes and models, domestic or foreign. Over at Cox Auto Service we are even qualified to handle modern automotive systems featuring innovative, digitally integrated, automotive electrical technology.

  • Automotive Computers

With today’s automobiles becoming more technologically advanced, it’s essential to have good quality repair and maintenance on them. Our ASE certified master technicians continuously train to handle the brains of your beloved ride with tender loving care.

  • Starters & Alternators

 Say for instance, your automobile’s battery won’t hold a charge or the motor won’t start. Then chances are, it just might be time to replace your car, truck, SUV, or minivan battery. However, if your battery is still good and can charge, then you have yourself an alternator or a starter issue.

We use only the finest replacement parts when making repairs. And we will salvage as many useable components as possible to save you money. Additionally, we will work hard to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

  • Lights, Windows, Locks, and More

Whether it’s a faulty headlight, or malfunctioning power windows and locks, Cox Auto Service is here to help. Our experienced auto electrical experts can handle anything from advanced audio and video components, dashboard gauges, solenoids, relays and more. We do it all.

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