At Cox Auto Service, we provide the ASE-certified maintenance and 4×4 repair services you need to keep your SUV, Jeep, Subaru, or truck running its best. And many Western North Carolina residents own and operate 4×4 vehicles, those with four-wheel drive. On a 4×4, every wheel provides power, enabling you to get off paved roads for exploration or drive more safely on roads when the weather goes awry. But 4×4 repair and maintenance differ from the needs of two-wheel-drive models. Cox Auto Service understands these differences.

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Also at Cox Auto Service, our Asheville, North Carolina technicians know that you must be able to rely on your vehicle when and where it counts. So we help you stay safe on the road or out in the wilderness, no matter what terrain or weather you encounter.

4x4 RepairAbout 4×4 Vehicles

4×4 systems differ from two-wheel drive, in that the 4×4 system is selectable. You choose what mode you want to use, at a particular time from the driver’s seat. All-wheel drive models called AWD for short, feature full-time four-wheel drive support.

For many residents of the Asheville, NC area, having an off-road vehicle simply means having extra peace of mind when the weather gets wet or cold. Other area residents and visitors enjoy the freedom of having one of these vehicles, for exploring nature around us.

Transmissions on these vehicles are similar to the transmissions of two-wheel drive systems. But for 4x4s, the power splits behind the transmission, providing half of the power to each axle. This split takes place in the transfer case that sends that power to a front differential and rear differential. Instead of splitting power between axles, AWD models send power to all four wheels, particularly directing that power away from a spinning wheel.

Most of these heartier vehicles also support a much heavier load than two-wheel counterparts. But this towing, off-road driving and hauling capability strains your vehicle, often leading to mechanical problems. This is why, when these problems occur, you need experienced 4×4 and AWD mechanical experts.

Specialized 4×4 Repair Needs 

Having a transfer case built into the drivetrain makes diagnostics more complex on four-wheel drive SUVs, trucks and Jeeps. Sometimes a problem in the transfer case seems like a transmission issue, confusing inexperienced technicians. This means many owners suffer unneeded and hefty 4×4 service costs when the vehicle actually has less expensive problems. Properly diagnosing a 4×4 issue comes down to having the right experience and technician skill sets, as available at Cox Auto Service off of Patton Avenue.

Technicians at Cox Auto Service understand your 4WD. They know how to analyze and isolate your 4WD vehicle’s problems in the transmission and transfer case. This experience and skill in AWD repair mean you will not pay high transmission repair costs unless the transmission actually requires that repair.

Our technicians help you get back on the road and off-roading again quickly. You can do so with the peace of mind of knowing our ASE-certified experts fixed your vehicle’s problem.

Cox Auto Service AWD and 4×4 Repair Services

Whether you live in the Asheville, NC area or come here for outdoor recreation using your 4WD or AWD vehicle, you can count on Cox Auto Service. These services include maintenance, repair and replacement of all of your 4WD and AWD parts, such as:

  • Wheel alignment
  • Differentials
  • Driveline
  • Hubs, seals, studs and nuts
  • Transfer case
  • Transmissions
  • Wheel bearings

You can trust Cox Auto Service for these services and a wide range of 2WD, 4WD and AWD car repair, truck repair and SUV repair services. Whether you choose to drive your 4×4 off-road or keep it on paved streets, you can rely on our ASE-certified technicians to keep your engine, transmission, and other parts working their best.

With 50 years of quality service, Western North Carolina area residents and visitors trust Cox Auto Service for their auto repair needs. These services for vehicles of all types include:

  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • NC state inspections
  • Emissions
  • Remanufactured Jasper engines and transmissions
  • Oil and lube
  • Major and minor mechanical needs

For routine maintenance or when your car, truck, SUV, 4×4 or AWD breaks down, visit Cox Auto Service in Asheville, NC off Patton Avenue.

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