engine repair

Six Reasons Why You May Need Engine Repair

Engine Repair

When engine problems occur, this can dramatically impact the performance of your vehicle. In some instances, you will ultimately be left stranded along the side of the road. Here’s a look at the six most common reasons for engine repair.

If your vehicle’s temperature gauge begins to approach the red zone, there’s a good chance the engine is overheating. Excessive temperatures can cause several parts to be destroyed, including the head gasket and pistons. The total cost of engine repair could be thousands of dollars.

In many instances, overheating stems from a low coolant level. Old radiator hoses are especially prone to bursting during the summer. A malfunction cooling fan and a bad water pump can also cause overheating to occur.

A misfiring engine will cause your car to perform poorly. Some of the symptoms include rough idling, sluggish acceleration, and hard starting. Don’t be surprised if your check engine light turns on as well.

From bad spark plugs to contaminated fuel, a wide range of different issues can cause misfiring. The best approach is to have the vehicle checked out by an experienced Piedmont Triad mechanic. By performing a diagnostic test, they can quickly track down the root of your trouble.

Oil Leaks
If you begin to notice oil stains on your driveway, be sure to have your vehicle inspected by a professional. Until the necessary repairs are made, you’ll need to check the oil level more often than usual.

Fortunately, oil leaks don’t always require major engine repair. After a vehicle surpasses the 80,000-mile mark, it’s not uncommon for the valve cover gasket to deteriorate. You could also be dealing with a warped oil drain plug, which can easily be replaced with a new one.

Engine Noise
Engine noise should never be ignored. Strange sounds will often warn you of a developing problem. While the issue could be minor, the best approach is to err of the side of caution.

Of the potential noises you may hear, knocking is by far the most serious. This indicates the fuel isn’t burning properly within the cylinders. Waiting to get engine repair is not an option. Some of the likely causes include a bad knock sensor, carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, and improper spark plugs.

Car Stalling
When you’re driving with a near-empty gas tank, your car could suddenly stall at any given moment. Every year, thousands of motorists run out of gas. However, this isn’t the only thing that can cause stalling.

A failing alternator will eventually cause your vehicle to quit. When this problem occurs, your battery warning light should appear on the dash. If you begin to hear a whining sound coming from the fuel tank or experience engine sputtering, fuel pump failure is a strong possibility.

Smoky Exhaust
A well-tuned engine should not produce any visible smoke. When you start to see smoke coming out of the exhaust, engine repair could be needed. While blue exhaust smoke indicates burning oil, black exhaust smoke points to an improper fuel/air mixture.

Thick, white exhaust smoke is just as serious. Coolant is likely being burned in the engine. Your vehicle could have a blown head gasket or a cracked intake manifold gasket.

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