Common Problems BMW Owners Tend to Encounter

Five Common Problems BMW Owners Tend to Encounter

It’s no secret that BMW is one of the world’s top luxury brands. This German automaker has a reputation for building vehicles that are plush and engaging to drive. On the downside, its vehicles are often more expensive to maintain. Here are five of the most common problems BMW owners tend to encounter.

1. Oil Leaks
Unfortunately, BMW vehicles are notorious for leaking motor oil. Although this problem usually isn’t serious, it can be extremely frustrating. If you’ve spotted dark puddles under your car or frequently notice the smell of burning oil, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a leak.

While leaks can occur while the vehicle is still under warranty, they typically happen after surpassing the 60,000-mile mark. The engine’s valve cover gasket and the oil pan gasket are especially prone to leaking oil. Fortunately, these parts can be easily replaced by a certified mechanic.

2. Engine Overheating
Be sure to keep an eye on your BMW’s temperature gauge. These vehicles are known for overheating, which ultimately puts the engine at risk of being damaged. Excessive temperatures can easily cause a blown head gasket. While various parts in the vehicle’s cooling system can fail, the water pump is especially susceptible to wearing out. Its primary purpose is to continuously push coolant throughout the radiator and engine.

Some BMW water pumps can fail sooner than expected. This is especially true for ones that feature plastic impeller blades. When installing a new water pump, many experts recommend upgrading to a unit that has more durable metal blades. It’s also a good idea to replace your radiator hoses and coolant reservoir as well.

3. Electric Window Failure
After your BMW begins to rack up a lot of miles, don’t be surprised if its electric windows stop operating. This is a big complaint among many owners. Although you may be able to continue driving the vehicle, a malfunctioning window is a major inconvenience.

There are two problems that can occur when the windows fail. Either the regulator breaks or the electric motor wears out. To be on the safe side, the best approach is to have these parts replaced at the same time.

4. Bad Ignition Coil
When experiencing hesitation and sluggish acceleration, there’s a good chance your automobile’s spark plugs are worn out. However, this isn’t always the case. A bad ignition coil can cause the same symptoms. It’s designed to connect the current from the battery to the spark plugs.

If you happen to notice the previously mentioned symptoms along with a check engine light, it’s time to take your vehicle to a mechanic shop. A severely worn ignition coil will eventually cause your vehicle to not start. To precisely pinpoint the root of the problem, the automotive technicians will need to perform a diagnostic test.

5. Underperforming A/C System
During the summer in North Carolina, outdoor temperatures can easily soar past 90 degrees Fahrenheit. A failing A/C system will make life on the road a lot less comfortable. If your A/C begins to blow lukewarm air, it could simply need a recharge. This process involves restoring the system’s refrigerant levels.

On the other hand, you could be dealing with a bad A/C compressor. If you hear a noise upon turning on the A/C, this is likely the compressor’s bearings falling apart on the inside. The compressor’s seals can also develop leaks. Regardless of the culprit, you’ll probably need to invest in a new compressor.


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